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Asian Organizations in Iowa City & the nation

What has the rapid growth of Asian community in the United States brought to this country? More Asian restaurants and markets? For sure. Maybe a better economic and some other upper sides. Meanwhile, there are also a lot of Asian … Continue reading

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Out of China, do we still care?

At the beginning of September, CNN News has been reporting on the missing of the Chinese Vice President Xi Jingping and the influence of the disappearance of the president-to-be leader.   While this could be another political game that people … Continue reading

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223 miles away

Since I started an internship with Chicago Social Magazine this summer, I have been traveling a lot between Iowa City and Chicago. Chicago is an amazing city, but then like I said, I was traveling here a lot!! So much … Continue reading

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“Dance Cheesy”

“Four years ago, you can barely see black hair here”, a Chinese student majoring in Actuarial Science told me that when he first joined the University of Iowa, there were not too many Asian faces around. You could barely see … Continue reading

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Who, where and why

If you live in Iowa City, you must have seen those¬†smiley faces with black hair and eyes. You must have seen them drive around in their fancy vehicles, carrying luxury brand handbags and walking to their business or math class … Continue reading

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Business from Oversea

While we talked about Asians and Asian life, Westerns may think about the long history of China, the delicious sushi and kimchi from Japan and Korea and how smart Asians are supposedly to be with science subjects in school especially … Continue reading

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Asian Food in Iowa City

My asian friends and I always talk about how Americans have been missing out on a lot of great food. We’ve tried to introduce some great food for my American friends, just to find out that they can’t eat chicken … Continue reading

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With the growth of technology and economy, the world has truly become a global village. People are living abroad away from their homeland for various reasons and different cultures are crossing everywhere. America as one of world’s biggest country has … Continue reading

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