Asian Food in Iowa City

My asian friends and I always talk about how Americans have been missing out on a lot of great food.

We’ve tried to introduce some great food for my American friends, just to find out that they can’t eat chicken feet, raw fish, intestines or fish head and so many other delicious food.

Usually at this point, our American friends would turn around and say, “You Asians just eat everything!”

I have to admit that we do eat everything; a lot of things that you will never find at any spot in America. However, with the growth of Asian immigrants and international students in the United States; merchants saw the business opportunities which resulted in countless Asian restaurants in America.

The same thing happened in Iowa City as the University of Iowa drew a huge number of international students and scholars from Asia every year.

Yet, there’s one thing you have to understand about Asian restaurants in America that are not providing Asian food any more. Most of them have customized their food to fit the American appetite too much that you can no longer call them authentic Asian food.

Therefore, I’ve created a map for anyone in Iowa City who is looking for some real Asian food. From my map “Asian Restaurants in Iowa City”, you will find 8 Asian restaurants in Iowa City, a short introduction to each of them and a few recommendable dishes from them.

I will keep updated on the new Szechwan restaurant downtown and we’ll see how far this one goes.

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3 Responses to Asian Food in Iowa City

  1. Ruby says:

    Although Yen Ching is a Chinese restaurant, it serves the BEST Spider roll in Iowa city.Its lunch specials, such as orange chicken, sesame chiken are also very delicious (egg roll and crab meat rangoon as side dishes). Strongly recommend~~

  2. MaMaDidge says:

    Great map! I wish someone would make such a map for Asian restaurants in Little Rock.

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