Who, where and why

If you live in Iowa City, you must have seen those smiley faces with black hair and eyes.

You must have seen them drive around in their fancy vehicles, carrying luxury brand handbags and walking to their business or math class in a small group.

You must have heard them talking with each other in the hallway or the library in languages other than English or Spanish.

If not Iowa City, if you live in any part of the United States, you must have seen them once in a while if not on a daily base like those in L.A. or Hawaii area. Have you ever stopped to wonder who they are, where they come from and what for are they living in the America which can be thousands of miles away from their home countries?

I have! I have wondered who these fellow Asians of mine? I wonder if you all come from the same land as me and for the same reason.

According to the Administration Office of the University of Iowa, I had the chance to find out answers to these questions and to show you in a clearer form.























I’m sure there are the other Asians who were born here, immigrated to the United States early in their life or living in Iowa City for some other reasons.

I just hope that you guys got a better understanding on who, where and why for the Asians  (at least the Asian students) in Iowa City.






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