“Dance Cheesy”

“Four years ago, you can barely see black hair here”, a Chinese student majoring in Actuarial Science told me that when he first joined the University of Iowa, there were not too many Asian faces around. You could barely see Chinese, let alone Koreans or other Asian students on campus.

One year after that, in the year of 2009 a South Korea Girl Group “Wonder Girls” boarded the Billboard Hot 100 with their hit song “Nobody” and then soon disappeared from from the public’s sights.

Three years later, another South Korea singer PSY released a new song “Gangnam Style” which has reached 140,000,000+ viewers since July 15, 2012.

What changed within these 3 years? More and more Asians entered the United States for various reasons. They have brought more and more Asian cuisines in America, more and more Chinatowns in bigger cities and one Modern Luxury publication “Hawai’i” actually publishes in Japanese along with English.

More specifically, what’s the difference between “Wonder Girls” and PSY’s “Gangnam Style”? How did “Gangnam Style” land a live show at the Today Show? Are people really that into cheesy dancing now?

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One Response to “Dance Cheesy”

  1. dariusbowie13 says:

    LMFAO!!!! I loved the video thanks so much for posting it. I was in my room popping my ass and shit hahaha. He is soo successful, thanks for putting that statistic in there “140 million plus views on there”. HE’S MY HERO lol

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