223 miles away

Since I started an internship with Chicago Social Magazine this summer, I have been traveling a lot between Iowa City and Chicago.

Chicago is an amazing city, but then like I said, I was traveling here a lot!! So much that I actually started to get tired of this beautiful city. I don’t care much about the relatively new Topshop store on Michigan Ave anymore. I’m not surprised to see the horse carriages any more. I learned to how to use public transportations and to co-exist with the blind beggar on the Red Line.

Naturally, I started to look at the city in a different angle and paid more attentions to the Asians around Chicago.

I realized that more than half of the Asians I met in Iowa City are international students at the University of Iowa, and yet almost every single I have met in Chicago so far were born somewhere in the U.S. (i.e., what we call ABC: America born Chinese).

I realized most of the Asians in Iowa City get around in their fancy cars and most of the Asians I met in Chicago don’t own a car yet.

Asians in Iowa City and Chicago are so different, sometimes I feel like I can tell which is which by just looking at them. However, they are so similar at the same time.

I noticed Asians from both these 2 areas are generally quiet, shy and loving Asian restaurants. I have to admit the one place I met the most Asians in Chicago is Chinatown.

Between Iowa City and Chicago, 223 miles,away, the 2 Asian groups are so different and yet so similar.

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One Response to 223 miles away

  1. carlymhurwitz says:

    I also spent a lot of time in Chicago this summer-I live in a near by suburb. I find it interesting that you were able to notice a different between American-born Chinese and those who are studying abroad. I also recently studied abroad in Italy so I can understand what it feels like to be a little bit out of place. How did the internship go? Sounds like a good opportunity!

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