Asian Organizations in Iowa City & the nation

What has the rapid growth of Asian community in the United States brought to this country?

More Asian restaurants and markets? For sure.

Maybe a better economic and some other upper sides.

Meanwhile, there are also a lot of Asian organizations in the nation. This has also happened in Iowa since the universities/colleges in Iowa brought in a lot of international students and scholars through the years.

National organizations:

Asian American Justice Center : The AAJC was built in 1991 and aims at helping to improve the Asian Americans’ lives in the United States while promoting the fair and justice in the society for this minority group.

National Association of Asian American Professionals: The NAAAP is a non-profit organization that promotes and supports the Asian American leaders.


Asian American National Committee: The AANC is a professional public service corporation that aims to represent Asian Americans as a whole community.

Local Organizations:


Iowa Asian Alliance: The Iowa Asian Alliance sets the mission to unite the Asian community in Iowa for economic growth and community development.





Filipino-American Association of Iowa: The Filipino-American Association of Iowa is a non-union, non-partisan, non-sectarian, non-political and non-profit association.

With the existence of all the Asian organizations through out the nation, the community is looking for a better way of living and less stereotype in the future.


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One Response to Asian Organizations in Iowa City & the nation

  1. John says:

    Both good posts. A nice mix of images, links and info. The first post also benefits from interviewing UI students from China and adding their comments to your story.

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