Coverage of Asians in media

Even though the size of the Asian community has been growing rapidly in the United States; it is undoubtedly still covered as one of the minority community in the media.

There are still many stereotypes about Asians such as “Asians don’t know how to drive”; “Asians are cheap”; “Asian are smart and good at math” and/or “Asian Americans are the richest minority community in the country”.

The coverage of Asians and Asian Americans in the mainstream media are still so little and limited.

According Don Heider’s book “White news: Why local news programs don’t cover people of color” that was published in 2000; Heider wrote:”The two topic areas identified were festivals and crime. The fact that two distinct categories were identified by so many people of color is in itself telling, given that communities of color and the people living in those communities are involved in every aspect of life, well beyond any artificial categories such as racial-ethnic festivals and crime.”

Just like Heider mentioned in the second chapter of this book, limited reporting of traditional festivals and crimes help to reinforce certain stereotypes of this minority community; keep audiences from looking at the minority group in a broader range and more in depth.

Apparently, the media coverage of Asians/Asian Americans still need a lot of improvements in the future.

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One Response to Coverage of Asians in media

  1. Chaosvan says:

    I don’t like any stereotypes of any certain cultural group/community, but this guy is WAY TOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!
    I went to check out a few more videos of this guy. He does have some good points and I think the BEST is that he finds a way to express his ideas in a funny way.

    Way to go!!!!

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