Asian Culture swiping Iowa City



As the growth of Asian/Asian American community in the United States; certain areas in the nation have paid more attentions to this group than others due to the crowd of these people of color.

America has been a country of White vs. Black for a long time; however, the Asian group may have changed the dynamic in this nation. Especially in areas like the Los Angeles area, Hawaii and other Asian crowded cities.

Even though Iowa City is located in the Midwest; the University of Iowa as one of the Big Ten universities has drawn a great number of Asian students and scholars to this city. As a result, many Asian focused student organizations have been built such as the Asian Pacific American Cultural Center at the University of Iowa.

The APACC was established in 2003 at the University of Iowa, aiming at helping the Asian students and Pacific islanders at the University of Iowa to connect better with other minority-group students and to improve their learning experiences in the United States.


Through the years, the APACC has hosted different events in various locations in Iowa City and partnered with After Class to create the best cultural events and night-lives for students across different cultures at the university.

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