Where the West meets the East

I’ve spent weeks trying to demonstrate the rapidly-increasing number of Asian population in Iowa area with charts and video. This is a growth that we can ignore and I always feel like maybe it’s not enough yet.

If the charts and video are not at all convincing for you yet. Maybe we need to go a bit further into where the West meets the East.

In June 2010, Chubu-nippon Broadcasting Company side by side with Dentsu, IMJ Entertainment, Mainichi Broadcasting System and many more inspiring companies  produced the movie “My Darling is a Foreigner“.

The movie may not be a big hit as I assume that most of you have not heard of it before today, nevertheless, it was shown not only in Japan but also in the Big Cinemas in Manhattan, New York City.

As little-known as the movie may be in the U.S., what even less people know is the fact that the main actor Jonathan Sherr proudly graduated from the University of Iowa with a Japanese degree before he started his acting career in Tokyo, Japan.

The fact that Asians crowd into Iowa City may not be convincing enough for you yet; however what if it is the entire opposite situation? When the effect actually happens both way that Westerns also start to appreciate the beauty and mystery of Asian culture, studies it and end up having a life across the world; you have to admit that the mix of the Western and Eastern cultures is taking action weather you noticing it or not.


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One Response to Where the West meets the East

  1. Chaosvan says:

    I remember that I was taking Japanese when this movie was first released and the Japanese program at school also showed the movie. I think it’s a great way to develop certain language skills by watching movie, but I do think this movie did focus on too many stereotypes of Japanese community and people.

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