Japanese Conversational Hour

Zhihao Qin is a second-year Japanese student at the University of Iowa and he is one of the members who participated the newly-formed Japanese Conversational Hour on Sunday, Oct. 7.

“I’m going to this JACC event because I love Japanese. What we did last Sunday is basically knowing each other and trying to think of any obstacle while we were learning Japanese. Frankly, there are a lot of problems we have to figure out, maybe now and after the events. This kind of event is still quite new, we have to do a lot of stuff to make it better. I think we’re gonna do, like um, watching video clips in the event, maybe sometimes make a theme, bring some food. Of course we’re gonna have a lot to do.”

“There are a lot of diversity in Japanese class. Last semester we have a lot of Koreans in my class, and first semester I’m learning Japanese, there’s a Russian guy in my class. He’s quite different, I would say. I certainly see diversities in that event: Chinese guys and American guys going in. A lot of American guys from very different states; some of them are transfer students and some; I think one of them is from Korea.”

“Giving the fact this event is held by two of the native speakers of Japanese, I think I’m gonna learn a lot of stuff in that event. As a matter of fact, I did last Sunday. And I can meet a lot of my friends, a lot of people going to that event after my class section; so I can chat with my friend, trying to make my homework better and even make more friends. That’s what I mean to do.”

“During last Sunday, we particularly talked about the male-side dialect and the female-side dialect of the Japanese language which in class you couldn’t probably learn. Because in class we’re gonna use polite form of Japanese most of the time; but in that section because there’s no teachers involved in the event, we can use casual form of Japanese speech. And we can practice a lot. That’s why I’m going there.”

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2 Responses to Japanese Conversational Hour

  1. John says:

    This isn’t graded until next week, but I couldn’t get the video to work. Also needs tags.

    • cinderyliang says:

      This video is actually working fine on my laptop as well, but I will try again.

      Also, this is the audio slideshow post, I just took the extension for this one.

      Thank you.

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