UI Asian Student Organizations

Earlier we have talked about the growing interests in Asian culture and community here at the United States. As a college town, Iowa City has gathered a lot of international students and the interaction between the West and the East is also requiring more and more student organizations to focus on this cross-culture environment.

AiCheng Magazine: 

I honestly did not know that this magazine existed until today. It’s created and basically run by international Chinese students at the University of Iowa.

Asian American Coalition:

Asian American Coalition aims at building a stronger Asian American community both on and off campus.

Chinese in Iowa City:

Chinese in Iowa City is a service organization which helps Chinese students in Iowa City to better adjust to their study and life in Iowa City.

Chinese Painting Club:

I think this is a great organization that helps local residences and students to better understand the traditional and unique Chinese painting.

Indian Student Alliance:

Indian Student Alliance represents more than 850 students, faculty, staff and community members. The organization also welcomes people from all over the world with a shared interest in Indian culture.

Japanese Culture Association:

Japanese Culture Association hosts various Japanese/Asian-culture-related activities such as Karaoke night, Sushi making night and other events to assist local students with an interest in Japanese culture.

Liberty in North Korea:

I think this is such an interesting and meaningful organization which is trying to put an end to the human rights crisis in North Korea. They also have a very legitimate website as well.

Malaysian Student Society:

I personally always neglect Malaysia as a part of the Asian community and this organization has a really great angle and aspect of representing this Asian community.

Vietnamese Student Association:

Vietnamese community is actually one of the fastest-growing Asian community in Iowa City and there’re also a great number of Vietnamese students at the university.

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One Response to UI Asian Student Organizations

  1. Ruby says:

    Hey, i will teach people how to cook in Aicheng Magazine!!this magazine can help people know more about chinese international students’ college life!!

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