How to make a Chinese Hot-Pot

“Hot-pot” is one of the significant Asian food. Although it has different names in different countries (It’s called Hot-pot in China and Xiabu Xiabu is its Japanese name), the basic elements of Hot-pot carry on through different regions.

Westerners may be familiar with some Americanized Chinese dishes such as the Sweet and Sour Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Sesame  Chicken and so on; very little people know about the Hot-pot, which is one of the most important, traditional dishes in China.

“Hot-pot” is extremely popular in the winter since the soup will be boiling the whole time while people eating, it works perfect to keep you warm in the cold weathers. However, for people who loves hot-pot no matter what such as me, along with iced-beer; hot-pot is not such a bad choice in the summer either.

Today I will show you how to prepare the basic soup for Hot-pot, what sauces we need for it and what other food resources we may need to prepare.

It’s really simple and convenient. However, if you don’t want to go through the troubles, you can easily find some Chinese/Asian restaurants around you that carry the Hot-pot services.

Have fun!

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2 Responses to How to make a Chinese Hot-Pot

  1. Chaosvan says:

    This is COOOOOL! We love hot-pot back in Asia, that’s true. I always try to introduce this to my American friends as well, and most of the times it would be the first time that they’ve ever heard of it. I think it’s such a pity that Chinese food now is so popular and yet unauthentic in America and most of the Americans don’t even know our traditional Hot-pot.

  2. Ruby says:

    Love hot pot!! people can just drop what they want to eat into the pot and boil it.
    my Favorite hot pot is “yuanyang” which means a pot have two parts, one is mild and one is spicy. yummy!!!
    Winter is coming, and lets have hot pot ! lets get warm !!> <

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