UI Asian courses

Last week we have talked about most of the Asian student organizations/governments at the University of Iowa and most of them aim at helping local students to understand more about different Asian cultures and communities.

I thought today we will look more into different courses offered by the University of Iowa so any of you can learn more about Asian cultures and communities in a more systematic way with professional helps.

I will omit all the Asian language courses and focus more on culture, history and art courses.


The Past & Present of Chinese Religions

Introduction to the Art of China

Living Religions of the East

Themes in Asian Art History

Topics in Asian Religions

Topics in Asian History

Asian Humanities China

Chinese Literature Prose

Transitional Chinese Cinemas


Modern Japanese Fiction in Translation

Asian Humanities Japan

Japan – Age of the Samurai 


Modern Korean History


India Now! Bollywood to Global Terror

Issues: Communities & Societies in Hist

American Indian Environmentalism

Intro American Indian & Native Studies

Hopefully these will be helpful for any of you who wants to know better and more about Asian communities and cultures that you’re interested in.


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2 Responses to UI Asian courses

  1. Chaosvan says:

    My friend once also took a course called Population culture in China, but they don’t offer it anymore. He said they watched Chinese movies, listened to pop Chinese music and talked about a lot of current issues in that class. I think it’s so coooool!

  2. Ruby says:

    wow!!!!these links help me a lot!!!!seriously, UI really do need more Asian course to allow people have chance to know about asian culture.
    i took japanese 1 last year. i learned japanese letters and had a closer look of their culture.

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