Halloween week in Japan

Frankenstein, wicked witches, Superman, Batman and all the other imaginary figures will appear in different cities and even countries on one night: All Hallow’s Evening.

Halloween may be a Christian festival and considered having pagan roots, with the growth of technologies and the global village; Halloween has become a global festival for various different countries.

As an Asian developed country, Japan is always known for its westernization. However, Halloween means a whole new thing for Japanese people, it could be an occasion to protest for a good cause, an opportunity to party hard, an excuse to walk around the streets in weird costumes and they have so many other preparations for this occasion.

Through various tweets, Instagram updates, website articles and pictures and Youtube video clips; Japanese have shown the world a new definition of Halloween.

I have to say Japanese people sure deserve to be famous for their party, fashion style and various creativity.


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3 Responses to Halloween week in Japan

  1. Ruby says:

    Many international college students in USA celebrate Halloween without knowing what is the real mean of this festival..although some countries have same festival, but the meaning is totally different. for instance, both China and Korean have Mid-Autum Festival, but people in these two countries hold different kinds of ceremony

  2. Jing says:

    honestly, i had no idea where exactly Halloween comes from at all earlier, but i definitely love all the costumes the Japanese girls wear in the story. I am also a big fan of the vocal in VAMP. Wish I could be there!

  3. Jordan Mickle says:

    Great post! I really enjoyed the Storify article and seeing all the different costumes, they sure get into it just as much as we do hahaha.

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