Life of Discovery

Life of Discovery exchange program has brought 4 top Chinese authors to Chicago and Iowa City this year.

Just ended on Friday Nov. 3rd, Chinese novelist and International Writing Profram alumnus Mo Yan who was announced the winnter of 2012 Nobel Prize for Literature, the Life of Discovery creative exchange project has brought four of China’s top young writers to Chicago and Iowa City for a series of creative meeting and events.

In June 2012, four American writers, including Iowa City poet Dora Malech, traveled to China. Now Iowa city has welcomed four Chinese writers including Juzhen Mao, Yuntao Zhang, Wei Sun and Yewei Liu along with Chinese Writers’ Association project coordinator: Xinwei WU.

Juzhen MaoJuzhen Mao

Yuntao Zhang

Wei Sun

Yewei Liu

Several free public events took place to give the local community an opportunity to interact with the writers:
· Friday, Oct. 26th 5-6pm: Welcome reception and a reading by Zhang Yuntao and Mao Juzhen at Shambaugh House (430 N. Clinton St)
· Sunday, Oct 28th 4-5pm: Sun Wei and Liu Yewei read with local poet Dora Malech at Prairie Lights Bookstore
· Friday, Nov. 2nd 5-7pm: Chinese writers participate in World Canvass “IWP: Writing the Stories of the World” with reception to follow (Senate Chamber of Old Capitol Museum)

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One Response to Life of Discovery

  1. Ruby says:

    To be a super chinese literature fans, this is such a good opportunity to meet chinese writer and learn chinese writing style!!!!

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