Monsoon United Asian Women of Iowa

Monsoon United Asian Women of Iowa

“Violence is violence.”

Monsoon United Asian Women of Iowa has been working on helping the Asian women community to empower themselves and to stop various domestic violence. “Social, economic, and political self-determination of all women” has been the alternative goal for this organization.

Monsoon United Asian Women of Iowa mostly focuses on women of the API (Asian Pacific Island) community that may have various barriers such as stigma of language, differences in cultures, and different believes and backgrounds.

Hieu Pham who graduated from the University of Iowa with a journalism degree who is the Eastern Iowa Multilingual Advocate and Outreach Coordinator explained that Monsoon is the only non-profit organization that focuses on Asian women community in Iowa region.

What is domestic violence?

Sabrina Leung, the Multilingual Advocate and Outreach believes that domestic violence is not always physical violence. It also includes mentally torture, community isolation and honor killing.

One important fact about domestic violence that Monsoon did not neglect is that most of women who have suffered domestic violence will remain quiet, especially Asian women who are generally shy. The silence that most of women choose is one big reason that produces domestic violence.

What does Monsoon provide?

As an advocate organization, Monsoon has provided various events and resources for Asian  women from the API region living in Iowa right now.

They provide advocates who speaks different Asian languages that will make Asian women with language barriers more comfortable to talk to. Monsoon also hosts different fundraising events and work with different local stores to raise money for Asian women suffering from domestic violence. Meanwhile, another mission that Monsoon aims at is to educate women of Asian community about their independence, powers and self-abilities.

What’s next?

Monsoon United Asian Women of Iowa has just hired an Asian male in Iowa City for the outreach team and have more males to help females.

“It shouldn’t just be females helping females. Males should help too.” Cheng Xiong, the Community Outreach Coordinator explained his role in this organization.

Over the years, Monsoon will work on providing more resources for women of Asian community in Iowa region and evoke more advocates and volunteers to stop violence.

Right now, Monsoon United Asian Women of Iowa is working on an event called “Yoni Chats”. “Yoni” means virgina in Sanskrit and this events aim at helping Asian women to open up to talk more about sex and change their views on sex activities and empower themselves.

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